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About Us


Ballester Hermanos, Inc. was established in 1914 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, by Francisco and Miguel Ballester Ripol. Some of the first products represented by the company were soaps, flour, wooden crates for liquor and noodles, cornstarch, and food for cattle.

By 1919, they moved their offices to San Juan. In 1936, Jaime & Frank Ballester Pons join the company and the first brands of wine and spirits are imported. As time went by, Ballester Hermanos, Inc. kept growing its clients and brands portfolios. In 1952, the company obtained Campbell’s distribution. By 1956, the Frozen Foods Division is created.  In 1999, the Food Service Division opens to offer services such as sales and specialized consulting to restaurants and hotels, among other businesses.

In 2004, a dream of Ballester Hermanos, Inc. came true with the establishment of La Enoteca, a world of wines, liquors, and beers, which quickly became a favorite between colleagues and friends. By 2005, the company also begins to produce their Food and Wine Sales Show, where all their brands are displayed.  Nowadays, the company has five main business units, which are, Grocery/Retail, Frozen, Beers, Wines & Spirits, Food Service and Health, Home & Beauty Care.

Ballester Hermanos is a company with a family atmosphere, where employees have been an important part of their growth and strength. They have a sales force of over 400 professionals who use the latest technology to serve more than five thousand customers in Puerto Rico.

It is their family values, respect, confidence, as well as their commitment to offer the best products and the best quality to the people of Puerto Rico what has kept this company strong for over a hundred years. This has been the key to the success of Ballester Hermanos, Inc. and it will be the challenge of new generations to come.




For more than 100 years, Ballester Hermanos, Inc. has been delivering the best to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission declares our purpose as a company.  This is the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

Our Values

We are trustworthy; we say and do what is right.
We are simple and measured; we manage ourselves prudently.
We work hard and meet all our commitments.
We care about our people and our community, treating all with dignity.
We are visionary, proactive and agents of change.
We are full of energy, always pushing forward.

Business Units